Center Services

Neutral, Fact-finding Interviews

Child interviews take place in a private, comfortable, safe environment and are provided by a specially trained staff person. Professionals involved can watch interviews through closed-circuit television.
This reduces trauma by reducing the number of times a child is interviewed.

Specialized Medical Exams and Treatment

Head to toe exams are offered by caring medical staff. Medical assessment may include testing for sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy.

Close Follow-up Support

A professionally trained Advocate offers support, information, education, and referrals for community services.

Court Advocacy & Support

Advocates can help families to understand and navigate the court system, accompany families on all court dates (or attend for them), and offer additional support.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Case Review

A team of professionals works together to review updates and progress on Center cases.

All services are free of charge.
We serve victims of federal crimes.

“I wouldn’t have been able to deal with this without the support of your staff… I’m not sure I would have survived this ordeal without them and I am very happy to know they are here for other victims and families. They are the biggest blessings in the world to me.”