Portage County Children Services and Training Resources

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Portage County addresses complex community and family concerns with direct services and professional training for organizations. We treat and provide trauma-informed care around child physical abuse, family violence, dating violence, and witness to violence. Our training services build awareness around these issues, help employees recognize signs of abuse, and better address human trafficking.

portage county children service

Center Services

Our advocates provide evidence-based care and help families navigate court proceedings, law enforcement, children’s services, forensic interviews, medical services, and more.

Training & Awareness Programs

Your community organization and local business plays a major role in keeping our world safe. Learn more about building better policies and awareness around this topic with expert data.

Reach Out To Our Team and Get Started

Learn more about the services and training we provide from one of our team members. Let us help you set up a conversation with our team for your specific needs.