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Caregivers and children shouldn’t have to navigate the impacts of child abuse alone. Learn how the Children’s Advocacy Center can support you with free resources.

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Who We Are

At the Children’s Advocacy Center of Portage County, we lead with a coordinated, child-friendly approach to health for families, teens, and children navigating the impact of physical abuse. We specialize in trauma-informed care and provide families with the medical, counseling, legal, and everyday essential resources they need to heal and move forward.

What We Do

At the Children’s Advocacy Center, our mission continues to be to improve the community’s response to child abuse and neglect, lessening the negative impact of abuse on children. All services are provided free of charge and are provided throughout the investigation, prosecution, and beyond.

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How You Can Help

Eager to help make an impact? Support our Portage County community by participating in our annual fundraisers, hosting training sessions, and by making a donation of your own. Learn more about how you can be an advocate with The Children’s Advocacy Center.


If your family needs additional support services in Portage County, or is searching for reliable resources you can trust, you find the information you need with our extended network. Our resources are here to guide you, no matter what part of the healing journey your family is on.

Human Trafficking


Thank You Jo Woodward Solem Foundation

2020 and 2021 brought tremendous cuts (64%) to victim service funding. Small agencies like the Children’s Advocacy Center of Portage County (CAC), operating with a very conservative team of 5, are especially vulnerable to large grant cuts in funding. Thanks …

Impact of Covid on Child Abuse Reporting

In 2021 the Children’s Advocacy Center of Portage County provided free services to 337 individuals, 175 children and 162 non-offending caregivers. Although significant service numbers are being delivered this is a decrease in referrals from previous years (26%). The CAC …

Bowl Against Abuse 2022

Bowl Against Abuse is the Children’s Advocacy Center’s only fundraiser that takes place typically in April, Child Abuse Awareness Month. Due to covid, the fundraiser was cancelled in 2020, however, almost all of the teams and sponsors still donated, allowing …

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