child advocacy center services

Review Our Child Advocacy Center Services and Resources

The Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) provides free services for families navigating the trauma of child sexual abuse, child physical abuse, neglect, child human trafficking, child sexual abuse material (child pornography), or witness to violence. Our care extends to children, teenagers under the age of 18, and adults with developmental disabilities.

Families are completely free to choose whether to engage in all or just some of the services, for as long as they need them. Fortunately, we are able to provide all FREE services due to the generosity of community partnerships, members, foundations, and grants.

For more information, please review our services and resources listed below or reach out to our team directly. If your family has already been scheduled for an appointment at the CAC, our CAC Initial Appointment Information Sheet might have valuable information. Please contact our team at 330-297-8838 for any questions at any time — whether they be before or after your appointment.

A Better Understanding Of Child Advocacy Center Services

At the CAC, our child advocacy center services place an emphasis on education and helping families navigate the entire process — from court proceedings to law enforcement, children services, forensic interviews, medical services, and finding available resources like food assistance and transportation to meet their needs.

We provide guidance on how children and families may be feeling or responding to their trauma and provide options and resources based on research to better navigate complex feelings and behaviors. Our advocates focus on ongoing safety for families including internet safety and safety planning. Our advocates provide ongoing support for children and their families, offering a listening ear, answering questions, and providing ongoing referrals.

Support with Court Proceedings

Our advocates will notify families of upcoming court proceedings, attend court hearings with families, educate families on court proceedings, keep them informed on what is happening during the court process, assist with writing victim impact statements, and with the next steps after the court process.

Forensic Interview Services

Forensic Interviews are performed when abuse, human trafficking, or witness to violence are suspected or disclosed. Forensic Interviews at the CAC provide the child a safe place and opportunity to share their knowledge of past events. A Forensic Interview is performed by the CAC Nurse Practitioner who has extensive specialized training and experience in interviewing children.

To minimize the number of times a child recounts traumatic events, the Forensic interview is recorded and can be observed by Multi-Disciplinary Team partners including law enforcement and child protective services, who remain out of sight.

Medical Services

As a part of our child advocacy center services, a free medical exam is offered to every child. The medical exam is a non-invasive overall assessment of the child’s health and body. The child may choose to complete or opt out of the medical exam, or choose to complete only certain portions of the medical exam. If indicated, free testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections, pregnancy, and other medical concerns may be completed during the exam.

Additional Resources to Meet Your Needs

At the Children’s Advocacy Center, we provide resources to help families beyond what brought them to the center, for example, utility assistance and food insecurity assistance. If your family needs additional services to move forward, like therapy or transportation to attend scheduled appointments, we have the resources to help.

Have any questions about our child advocacy center services? For more information, training, or a tour of our facilities please reach out to our team.